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Clare-Bell Brass Works

Made in Maine, U.S.A.


6 Arm Chandeliers
3 arm Hurricane




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     Half Inch Scale (1" = 24")Products


Precision machined from solid brass, polished, and then gold plated for a tarnish free finish.  These miniature designs have incredible detail, and are true to scale.


                          Electric Fixtures 

  • All light bulbs are bi-pin replaceable bulbs.

  • All lighting fixtures are designed to be operated on 12 volts.

  • 40 milliamps, .48 watts per bulb.


          1270-110                             1270  Candlesticks                             1270-210

    1/2" Candlesticks                      1/4" dia. X 23/64" tall                      1/2" Candlesticks

Non-electric, gold finish                  6.4mm X 9.1mm                        non-electric, silver finish

       sold in pairs                                                                                  sold in pairs


Hint: Use round toothpicks for your candles.  Paint the end of the toothpick the color you want your candles to be and then trim them to the length you want with a sharp knife ( about 9/16", 14.33mm ). Touch a black magic marker to the very tip and it will look like it has been lit. Glue them into the candle holder with a small bit of glue



1/2" Scale Table Lamp with Shade

The shade comes with a soft white finish.  The shade lifts off the support so that you may customize your interior design by painting them or gluing fabric onto them.

Hint:  The rubber eraser on a pencil will hold the shades firmly

          while you are customizing them.





  1/2" Table Lamp                        

 electric, Gold finish                     

5/16" dia. X 7/8" tall (includes shade)

     7.9mm X 22.2mm



       1290-130                  1290-330                    1292-130                 1292-330

     1/2" Coach Lamps, sold in pairs                         1/2" Hanging Coach Lamps

       electric                    electric                        electric                    electric

    Gold Finish               Black Finish                   Gold Finish             Black Finish

              15/16" tall X 5/16 wide                      2 3/8" tall X 5/16" wide

               23.8mm X 7.9mm                               60.3mm X 7.9mm

                                                     chain is 1" long and may be shortened



   1370-130                      1370-330                        1371-130                      1371-330

           1/2" Wall Sconces                                         1/2" Hurricane Wall Sconces

                  sold in pairs                                                     sold singly

electric, Gold finish          electric, black finish      electric, Gold finish     electric, Black finish

                 1 1/16" tall X 3/16 wide                         Features frosted unbreakable shades

                     27.0mm X 4.7mm                                        1 7/32" tall X 5/16" wide

                                                                                           31mm X 7.9mm



          "Click" on a picture of a chandelier to see a larger image and more detail.



      1350-130                      1350-330                            1352-130                       1352-330

              1/2" Scale 6 Arm Chandelier                         1/2" Scale 3 Arm Hurricane Chandelier

electric, Gold finish        electric, black finish           electric, Gold finish    electric, Black finish


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Last modified: 03/02/12