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Clare-Bell Brass Works

Made in Maine, U.S.A.




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These 1 inch scale precision machined items are true to scale and have an incredible amount of detail.  Hand detailed miniatures that will give a realistic look to any miniature project.  Step in to Clare-Bell's miniature world.


Made in Maine, U.S.A.


All measurements are approximate.




                                                        Scale Ruler

                       Easily convert 1 inch scale inches and feet, into real inches.



         Wax Candles

1402-000, 1 gross, red.

1405-000, 1 gross, green.

1406-000, 1 gross, pink

1407-000, 1 gross, light blue.

        1400-000                                        1401-000

    White Scented                          1 gross of wax candles in

 Hand Dipped Candles                          5 assorted colors

         1 Dozen                      red, pink, white, green, light blue




           1502-100                                                                                     1502-200

Candle Snuffer, Gold finish                                                             Candle Snuffer, Silver finish



        1603-000                      1681-000                      1682-000                       1688-000

      Flame Bulb                     Bi-pin Bulb                   Bi-pin Socket                    Bi-pin Kit

   1 flame tip bulb                   12 volts                  With 12 inch wires             2 Bi-pin sockets

  with 12 inch wires               40 Milliamps                                                    3 Bi-pin bulbs

12 volts, 40 milliamps                                                                            12 volts, 40 milliamps

       0.48 watts                                                                                          0.48 watts each



             1705-100                                       1705-200                                1708-100

            Fruit Bowl, gold finish            Fruit Bowl, silver finish                         Compote   

                                     5/8" dia. X 3/8" tall                                        1/2" dia. X 7/16" tall

                                     15.9 mm X 9.5 mm                                          12.7 mm X 11.1 mm



              1710-100                                  1710-200                                     1720-100

     Bud Vase, Gold finish                 Bud Vase, Silver finish                               Spittoon

                                1/4" dia. X 13/16"                                                  3/4" dia. X 9/16"

                               6.4 mm X 20.6 mm                                               19.1 mm X 14.3 mm




                     Inkwell with Quill, gold finish                     

               miniature copy of President Lincoln's

                  inkwell with a real feather quill



     1730-100                   1735-100                        1741-100                           

     Hourglass              Mortar and Pestle                 Ice Bucket                    

  1/2" dia. X 3/4"         1/2" dia. X 9/16"              5/8" hex X 7/8"               

12.7mm X 19.1mm      12.7mm X 14.3mm           15.9mm X 22.2mm            





            1715-100                                   1740-000                               1745-100

   Soup Bowls and Saucers                Aluminum Pie Plate                         Wine Set

 Bowls, 3/8" dia. X 17/64" tall          25/32" dia. X 1/8" tall     Goblets, 1/4"dia. X 13/32" tall

           9.5mm X 6.8mm                  19.8mm X 3.2mm                        6.4mm X 10.3mm 

Saucers, 9/16" diameter                                                      Decanter, 1/2"dia. X 7/8" tall

             14.3mm                                                                              12.7mm X 22.2mm 

                                                                                             Tray,  1 1/2" diameter




    Plain Tray, Gold finish                 Plain Tray, Silver finish            New Goblets,  package of 6

            1747-100                                  1747-200                                     1748-100

       1 1/2" diameter                         1 1/2" diameter                      1/4" dia. X 7/16" tall

        38.1mm                                    38.1mm                                6.4mm X 11.1mm



               1749-100                              1754-100                                   1754-200

          New Wine Set                 Punch Bowl Set, gold finish          Punch Bowl Set, silver finish

Embossed tray, 1 1/2" dia.                              Scalloped Tray, 1 3/4" dia.         

                       38.1mm                                                       44.5mm

Goblets, 1/4" X 7/16" tall                                   Punch Bowl, 1 1/4" dia. X 1/2" tall

             6.4mm X 11.1mm                                                    31.8mm X 12.7mm                   

Decanter, 9/16" dia. X 11/16"                                       Cups, 5/16" dia. X 1/4" tall

              14.3mm X 17.4mm                                                 7.9mm X 6.4mm

       Includes Stopper                                              Includes Ladle             




              1751-100                                       1751-300                                   1752-100  

         Trivets, gold finish                        Trivets, black finish                           Cake Plate

                         Each trivet is aprox 3/4" long                                          with Brass Cover

                                                     19.1mm                                     1 1/16" dia. X 1 5/32" tall

                                                                                                            27mm X 29.4mm

                              Trivet Instructions                                                 

            Gently twist the trivets from the etched brass sheet.                

                    Use a pair of pliers to fold the feet down.



     1753-100                  1753-200                         1755-100                         1755-200

    Cake Plate                   Cake Plate                Raised Pedestal Tray      Raised Pedestal Tray

 W/ glass cover            W/ glass cover                    Gold finish                     Silver finish

    Gold finish              Silver finish                             1 1/16" dia. X 9/16" tall

      1 1/16" diameter X 1 5/32" tall                                    27mm X 14.3mm

             27mm X 29.4mm



            1759-100                                1760-100                                    1761-100

      Glue on Door Knobs            Screw Together Door Knobs                       Doorplates

       with Doorplates                 Knobs are 1/4" diameter           plates are: 9/32" wide X 5/8" tall

                                                             6.4mm                                 7.1mm X 15.9mm                                                                              

Screw together knob instructions:    Drill 1/8" diameter hole in door to install doorknobs.


Hint: Lay the door flat on a scrap piece of wood when you drill the hole. The exit point of the drill will not splinter the back of the door.

Hint: A touch of brown or black paint, magic marker, or crayon just under the key hole will  add a realistic touch to your project.




            1762-100                         1758-100                1763-100                     1779-100

    Doorplates and Knobs          Glue on Door Knobs       Door Knocker             Howdy Door Bell

        Screw together                 6 complete sets                                       Hanger is 13/16" dia.


                                                                                                               Bell is 5/16" tall




          1765-100                                     1765-200                                1767-100

  Revere Bowl, gold finish               Revere Bowl, silver finish          Brass Framed Square Mirror

                               3/4" dia. X 25/64" tall                                 1 13/16" wide X 2 1/8" high

                               19.1mm X 9.9mm                                                46mm X 54mm

         Accurate miniature copies of bowls designed by                            real glass mirror

         famed silver smith and patriot Paul Revere.



         1777-100                        1778-100                           1787-100, (7 per package)

Hanging Brass Planter             Brass Planter                               Stair Carpet Rod

7/8"  X 2 1/2" tall          7/8" dia. X 9/16" tall                   2 9/32" wide, for 2" wide carpet

22.2mm X 63.5mm           22.2mm X 14.3mm              57.9mm wide, for 50.8mm wide carpet


                                                Expandable Curtain Rods

Solid Brass drapery rods that expand to fit your windows.  There are two sizes available, pictured below.  The drapery rods are hand polished and then lacquered.  They come with the new Clare-Bell easy hanger.



               1785-100                                                                     1786-100

  Drapery Rod, for single window                                    Drapery Rod, for double window

Expands from 2 3/8" to 3 3/4" wide.                            Expands from 3 3/4" to 6 1/4" wide.

Expands from 60.3mm to 95.2mm wide.                    Expands from 95.2mm to 158.7mm wide.



                         Easy Drapery Rod Hanger

   Hint:  No nails or screws are usually required.  Glue to the wall alongside the 

            window trim with the top of the hanger even with the top of the trim. A 

            hole is provided if you need to install a small brad.




                                                American style mailboxes


                                1930-100                                     1930-300

                          Mailbox, gold finish                           Mailbox, black

                                                 1/2" wide X 13/16" tall

                                                  12.7mm X 20.6mm


                                               Numbers and Letters


          1960-100                                1960-300                                       1962-100

 Numbers, gold finish                  Numbers, black finish                              Alphabet

                             Each number and letter is 7/32" tall. (5.5mm)


Instructions: Remove the letter or number by gently bending back and forth

                  where it attaches to the etched sheet.


Hint: Push the desired part over with a wooden toothpick so you can grab it.  The wood will

        not scratch the finish.


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