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Clare-Bell Brass Works

Made in Maine, U.S.A.


Bed Dressings



                         Brass Beds                


Precision machined from solid brass.  Each of the many pieces that make up each bed are polished, assembled by hand, and then gold plated for lasting beauty.  These one inch scale beds are truly heirloom quality miniatures.


Beds are supplied undressed, with a mattress and pillows.  There are  talented hand crafters who dress beds to suit your decor. Contact information and examples of their work are on the bed dressing page.

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All measurements are approximate.




                           Fancy Brass Bed

             4 1/2" wide X 6 7/8" long X 5 1/8" tall

             114.3mm X 174.6mm X 130mm


The Fancy Brass Bed has 132 separate  precision machined brass pieces.







                        1703-100                                                        1704-100

                  Plain Brass Bed                                              Plain Brass Twin Bed

                        1703S-100                                                      1704S-100

        Plain Bed, no footboard (not pictured)          Plain Twin , no footboard (not pictured)

        4 1/2" wide X 6 7/8" long X 3 1/32" tall         3 1/2" wide X 6 7/8" long X 3 1/32" tall

            114.3mm X 174.6mm X 77mm                            89mm X 174.6mm X 77mm



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Last modified: 03/02/12