Christmas Ornaments

1" Scale solid brass, un-plated Christmas ornaments.  These ornaments may be customized by painting in the recessed areas.



                                           1722-100                     1724-100                      1725-100

                                                Joy                        Snowflakes                      Bells


Christmas Ornament Instructions

1.     Use small amounts of paint in the recessed area of the ornament.  Gently wipe the excess paint off.  You can try using a wooden toothpick as your paint brush.  Using tiny amounts of paint is the key.

2.     If you customized the ornaments allow ample drying time before you continue.

3.     Push the ornaments over with a wooden toothpick so that you can grab them.  Gently twist them off the sheet.

4.     Run thread through the hole and tie a loop so that they can be hung.