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Clare-Bell Brass Works

Made in Maine, U.S.A.




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Coach Lamps and Outside Lights


Solid brass, precision machined, hand crafted, perfectly scaled miniature coach lamps.  Adds an elegant touch of realism to the outside of your miniature project.  These coach lamps have been the standard of the miniature world for over 30 years and are available in the following configurations:

  • Electric or "EL": 12 volt, 50 milliamps and .6 watts per bulb.

  • Flame tip bi-pin replaceable bulbs.

  • Non-electric or "NE" comes with a brass candle or wick where appropriate.


Square Brass Coach Lamps

(sold in pairs)


                            1790-130, EL      1/2" wide X 1 17/32" tall         1790-330,EL

                           1790-110, NE         12.7mm X 38.9mm               1790-310,NE

                           Gold finished                                                   Black finish


                                     Square Coach Lamps are available in LED

                                          What is an LED? Go to: LED Page


                      More Coach Lamps and Outside Lighting


           1791-130, EL                               1791-139, EL                                  1792-130

          1791-110, NE                               1791-119, NE                                  1792-110

      Elegant Coach Lamp                       Elegant Globe Light                     Hanging Coach Lamp

           sold in pairs                                 sold in pairs                                 Sold singly

    1/2" wide X 2 5/32" tall                 3/4" dia. X 1 13/16" tall                     1/2" wide X 4" tall

       12.7mm X 54.7mm                         19.1mm X 46mm                          12.7mm X 101.6mm


Notes:  1.  Hanging Coach Lamp is available in black finish. 

                         1792-330, EL           1792-310, NE

               2.  The hanging coach lamp chain is 2" (50.8mm) long and can be shortened


                                        Pillar  Lights

                                                        (sold singly)


                             1788-130, EL                                     1788-330, EL

                             1788-110, NE                                     1788-310, NE

                  Pillar Light, Gold finish                             Pillar, Light Black finish

                                                   1/2" wide X  1 1/4" tall

                                                    12.7mm X 31.8mm

Designed to be installed into pillars, gate posts, fence posts, or railing posts

(Pillars not included).


Install by drilling a 1/8" diameter hole down through the center of the pillar.  Go all the way through if you are installing an electrical fixture.  Thread the wires down the hole, use a small amount of glue on the bottom post of the fixture and push it into the hole.


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