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Clare-Bell Brass Works

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Frequently Asked Questions



1.  Q: How do I buy your product?  There are no shopping carts or

          prices visible on your website.      

     A: Please visit your local miniature shop, click on any of the links

         listing stores and web retailers, or call us if you need additional 

         help buying our products.

2.  Q: Do you ever do custom design?

     A: Yes, it is often possible to modify or customize our fixtures to meet

          your specifications.  Many of our new products began this way!

3.  Q: Please help! I accidently cut the wires too short when I tried to

          install my new light.  Now what can I do?

     A: Do not despair!  Clare-Bell fixtures can be rewired.  You may do

         this yourself or send it in and we will rewire it for you. The cost    

         will depend on the fixture. Contact us for an estimate.       

4.  Q: What is a bi-pin bulb and why is it better to purchase a fixture

          using them than one using non-replaceable light bulbs? 

     A: A bi-pin bulb is a replaceable light bulb that is easily inserted and

         removed from its socket. (In contrast, non-replaceable light bulbs  

         can only be changed by rewiring the entire fixture.)

5.  Q: What is an LED?

     A:  An LED (light emitting diode) will light indefinitely, uses much less

          electricity, and is not vulnerable to "blowing out" if bumped as

          compared to an incandescent bulb.

6.  Q: Why are the wires so long?

     A: We intentionally give you more wire than you need so that you can

          practice with the excess wire.

7.  Q:  I would like something a bit different than shown on the site?

     A:  We are glad to customize our products to suite your needs just 

           contact us with your needs


Last modified: 03/02/12