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Clare-Bell Brass Works has designed lighting fixtures that are intended to be used with

the NovaLyte Flicker Module.

This new technology produces a true, life-like, random flickering.  The module will work with any of Clare-Bell's lighting but will look best if used with candle type fixtures. 

 We have produced chandeliers, candelabra, and multi-candle floor lamps that take full advantage of the Flicker modules multi-channel capability.


To visit NovaLyte: http://www.novalyte.com/


Examples of multi-channel flicker ready lighting fixtures are shown below, and are available by special order. See your local miniature dealer.



            1850-130                            2201-130                     1793-130                  2205-130

       6 Arm Chandelier                5 Arm Candelabra          3 Candle Sconce        5 Arm Floor Lamp

        Flicker Available                  Flicker Available             Flicker Ready           Flicker Available


  • As you browse through our product offerings you will see other fixtures that are multi channel flicker ready.

  • All of the Clare-Bell Brass lighting fixtures including wall sconces may be used with the flicker module.

  • Outside Coach Lamps look real.

  • LED fixtures will operate with the flicker module.

Special Instructions for the Multi-Channel Fixtures

  1. Follow all instructions that come with the flicker module.

  2. The white wire is common to all the bi-pin bulbs.  Keep track of it as you make connections down to where you installed the module.

  3. The brown wires (up to 3) may be connected to any of the terminals on the load side of the module.

  4. The flicker module uses or draws 40 Milliamps (ma).  You will need to add this in when sizing your transformer.


  • We strongly recommend that you take a 12 volt transformer, wire, and the other components and try out the system "on the bench" before you install it in your project.

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NovaLyte is used by permission, all rights reserved.






Last modified: 03/02/12