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Clare-Bell Brass Works

Made in Maine, U.S.A.





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Floor Lamps                

One inch scale, solid brass, hand crafted  floor lamps that are available in a wide range of styles to match your interior decor, or historical period.


  • Electrical fixtures are designed to be operated with 12 volts.

  • Replaceable bi-pin light bulbs

  • Non-electric floor lamps are available by special order only.

                Click on any picture for a larger image and more detail.


          2100-130                                2100-230                               2101-130

    Globe Floor Lamp                    Globe Floor Lamp              Bridge Lamp with Tulip Shade

          gold finish                          silver tone finish                          gold finish

        4 13/16" tall                           4 13/16" tall                               5" tall

          122.2mm                               122.2mm                                  127mm

     LED Available                       LED Available                        LED Available



            2102-130                                 2103-130                             2103-330

Bridge Lamp with Brass Shade        Lantern Floor Lamp                Lantern Floor Lamp

           gold finish                                gold finish                         black finish

         LED Available                       LED Available                       LED Available



                           2205-130                                         2206-130

                    Georgian Floor Lamp                  Georgian Floor Lamp with Shades

                       Flicker available                                Flicker available

        The design of the Georgian Floor Lamps match the Georgian Candelabra


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Last modified: 03/02/12