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                   What is a Light Emitting Diode or LED?

           An LED is a semiconductor.  When current is applied it gives off light.


     1. LEDs do not burn like an incandescent light bulb so they will never burn


     2. Vibration or a sudden jolt will not harm an LED.

     3. LEDs consume a fraction of the electricity that light bulbs use.


    We have teamed up with NovaLyte to bring you lighting fixtures that combine the

    newest technology with the quality you expect from Clare-Bell Brass Works.    


    Clare-Bell Brass Works guarantees our LED fixtures to light for 50,000 hours


                                The following products are available with LEDs


                                   Check in often for the latest additions.


               Click on any picture to see a larger image and a detailed description.



                Adjustable Picture Light

 Rotate the tube to shine the light where you want it.


              Install on a floor as a foot light.


            Install on a ceiling to light a room




    1503-130, LED

Adjustable Picture Light

2 Warm light LEDs 

                                          Square Coach Lamps

                                                 (sold in pairs)


                             1790-130,led                     1790-330,led

                               gold finish                         black finish




    1851-330,LED                 1852-130,LED              1852-330,LED              1852-134,LED

     Tole Painted                 3 Arm Hurricane             3 Arm Black                 Fancy 3 Arm

          Chandelier                    Chandelier                 Chandelier                  Chandelier

            Click on any picture to see a larger image and a detailed description.



   1852-135,LED            1854-135,LED                      1854-130,LED              4009-130,LED

    Fancy 3 Arm                Fancy 4 Arm                   4 Arm Hurricane              5 arm Globe

   Chandelier                    Chandelier                          Chandelier                  Chandelier


                                               LED  Lighting Fixtures

                                   Use a standard 12 volt Transformer

           Install them just as you would any other miniature lighting fixture.

                        You can mix them with incandescent lighting fixtures.


                                For More help and advice click on: Tips



                 4008-130,LED                     1859-130,LED                 4011-130, LED  

                    5 Arm Tulip                 Brass Billiard Light             5 Arm Upright Tulip    

                     Chandelier                      Chandelier                        Chandelier



                              4004-130,LED                             4005-130,LED               

                             2 Arm Globe                                  4 Arm Globe

                               Chandelier                                   Chandelier



                            5000-130, LED                                         5000-330,LED

                  6 Arm Chandelier With Shades                  6 Arm Chandelier With Shades

                               Gold finish                                             Black finish  







         For more information about

       LED's and Flicker

     please click on the link below



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           5007-130, LED

           10 Arm, 2 Tier,

    Chandelier, With Shades


Lamp shades come in a soft white finish.  They may be customized with paint, stain, or fabric to match your decor.

                              For more information click on: Tips


                      LED Globe Floor Lamps                             LED Bridge Lamps                 


          2100-130,LED               2100-230,LED           2101-130,LED            2102-130,LED

            gold finish                 silver finish                  Tulip Shade             Brass Shade


                             LED Lantern Floor Lamps


                               2103-130,LED                                 2103-330,LED

                                 gold finish                                      black finish 


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