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Made in Maine, U.S.A.




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                        Table Lamps                     


Solid brass, polished, and then gold plated for a tarnish free finish, these 1 inch scale table lamps are available in many designs to enhance your decor.


Table Lamps are available electric and non-electric.

The table lamps are pictured below and include both electric and non-electric part numbers.

  • Electric, replaceable bi-pin flame tip bulbs, 12 volt, 40 milliamps, .48 watts per bulb.

  • Non-electric, wax candles included where appropriate.

  • Tole painted shades and chimneys are hand painted in a floral design

  • Clear glass shades are hand blown.

  • Frosted chimneys and shades are unbreakable and have a soft white finish.




           "NE" means non-electric  "EL" means electric

                               (measurements are approximate)


                              Hurricane Lamps


  1750-130, EL             1750-134, EL               1750-135,EL          1750-136, EL

   1750-110, NE            1750-114, NE             1750-115,NE          1750-116, NE

clear glass chimney  Tole painted chimney    Tole painted shade     frosted shade

            1/2" dia X 1 31/32" tall                            9/16"  dia X 1 1/2" tall

            12.7mm X 50mm                                       14.3mm X 38.1mm



      1750-137, EL                      1750-138, EL                    1750-139, EL

      1750-117, NE                     1750-118, NE                    1750-119, NE

   frosted chimney                   clear glass shade                frosted globe

1/2" dia X 1 31/32" tall           9/16" dia X 1 1/2" tall       5/8" dia X 1 9/16" tall

 12.7mm X 50mm                 14.3mm X 38.1mm             15.9mm X 39.7mm  


                                Oil Lamps



    1776-130, EL         1776-134, EL           1776-135, EL           1776-136, EL

    1776-110, NE        1776-114, NE           1776-115, NE          1776-116, NE

 clear glass chimney  Tole painted chimney   Tole painted shade   frosted shade

           1/2" dia X 1 3/8" tall                           9/16" dia X 15/16" tall

           12.7mm X 34.9mm                                 14.3mm X 23.8mm    



                   1776-137, EL                           1776-138, EL   

                   1776-137, NE                           1776-138, NE

               tall frosted chimney                   clear glass shade

              1/2" dia X 1 3/8" tall                 9/16" dia X 15/16" tall

               12.7mm X 34.9mm                   14.3mm X 23.8mm




                           Orient Express Lamp, electric


          This lamp is a detailed replica of the lamps used

         on the Orient Express, in four star hotels, and on

        passenger liners that sailed the world, including the


                       Solid brass, gold plated, with a clear glass

                                   chimney tall

                        29/32" wide X 1 13/16" tall         

                           23mm wide X 46mm tall


Orient Express Lamp



                                Square base with white frosted shades


                           2207-130                                         2207-330

                    Torchere Table Lamp                          Torchere Table Lamp

                          Gold Finish                                      Black Finish

                                             1/2" wide X 1 1/2" tall

                                        12.5mm wide X 38.1mm tall


                          Table Lamps with Shades

                    American made quality, and detail at a modest price.

Table lamps that are available with plain or pre-painted shades. The shades are easily removed to decorate or change a light bulb. Pre-painted shades are available in the colors shown below. The base is machined from solid brass, hand polished, and then gold plated. They operate on 12 volts, and come with replaceable bulbs.


                     Table Lamps with plain white shade or plain black shade.

The plain white shades are easily painted or covered with paper or fabric,  Extra shades may be purchased so that you can experiment with a change to your décor.


                                    2001-130 white                    2001-130 black

                                 3/4" wide X 2 1/4" tall, the brass base is 1/2" dia.

                           19.1mm wide X 57.2mm tall, the brass base is 12.7mm dia.


Hint:  The shades can be held by sitting them on a pen or pencil, making it easy to paint or decorate. We use acrylic paints available at any miniature store or craft center.  Try applying the paint with a sponge.


                                    Table Lamps with hand painted shades.

       These Table Lamps come with hand painted shades, and come in the colors shown below.


                                        Specify color when ordering

                                    Table Lamps are shown lighted



         2001-130 blue            2001-130 gold          2001-130 green           2001-130 red

          Table Lamp                Table Lamp               Table Lamp                 Table Lamp




                         2001-130 r/o                                         2001-130 gr/bl

                  Mottled Red and Orange                           Mottled Green and Blue


                                        Wall Sconces With Shades

Wall Sconces to match the Table Lamps.  Specify the color of shade you want when ordering.  Solid brass, hand polished, and gold plated.  Operate on 12volts and Clare-Bell Brass only supplies fixtures with replaceable bulbs.



                      2002-130 white                                     2003-130 green

                          Shades are available in all the colors shown above



                              Table Lamps with Hexagonal Shades




         2021-130,EL                    2022-130, EL                          2023-130,EL

         2021-110,NE                   2022-110, NE                         2023-110, NE

Contemporary Table Lamp  Contemporary Bedroom Lamp      Elegant Table Lamp

1 5/16" wide X 2 1/16" tall   1 5/32" wide X 1 13/16" tall  7/8" wide X 1 9/16" tall

    33.3mm X 52.4mm               29.4mm X 46mm                22.2mm X 39.7mm


Hand crafted hexagonal lamp shades come in assorted colors and patterns.

If desired, you may request plain or floral, or if your needs are more specific please contact us for additional assistance.


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