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Wall Sconces and Wall Lights


Precision machined from solid brass, polished, and then gold plated for a tarnish free finish, these 1 inch scale miniature wall lights and sconces are available in the following configurations:

  • Electric, replaceable bi-pin bulbs, 12 volt, 40 milliamps, .48watts per bulb

  • Non-electric, wax candles  are included where appropriate.

  • Flicker, wall sconces are flicker compatible.

Wall Lights are available electric and non-electric.

Electric fixtures are pictured below and include both electric and non-electric part numbers.


                             "EL", means electric.

                            "NE", means non-electric.



                            LED Picture Light


      Turn the tube to adjust the light to where you want it.

   Install the light on a ceiling or floor and use it as area lighting

                         1 5/16" wide, (33.3 mm)


                        Only available with LED


                    What is an LED?  Go To: LEDs



                                          Tole Painted Hurricane Wall Sconce

                          Clear Glass Chimney  

                           1769-330, EL                                        Tole Painting Detail

                           1769-310, NE                                     Hand Painted Floral Design             

                             sold singly

                       1/2"dia X 1 7/8" tall

                       12.7mm X 47.6mm                    




          1770-131, EL                             1770-133, EL                              1770-331 EL 

          1770-111, NE                            1770-113, NE                             1770-311, NE

Wall Sconces, Round Back         Wall Sconces, Hexagonal Back               Black Wall Sconces

           sold in pairs                              sold in pairs                                sold in pairs

     7/32" dia X 1 1/4" tall               7/32" dia X 1 1/4" tall                 7/32" dia X 1 1/4" tall

        5.5mm X 31.8mm                     5.5mm X 31.8mm                     5.5mm X 31.8mm



         1771-130, EL          Tall Painted Chimney   Short Painted Shade               1771-134, EL 

         1771-110, NE                      Hand Painted Floral Design                         1771-114, NE  

   Hurricane Wall Sconce                         unbreakable                             Fancy Hurricane Sconce

    Clear Glass Chimney                                                                          Tall Painted Chimney

     1/2" dia X 1 7/8" tall                                                                         1/2" dia X 1 7/8" tall

      12.7mm X 47.6mm                                                                             12.7mm X 47.6mm



           1771-135, EL                              1771-137, EL                                1771-136, EL

           1771-115, NE                             1771-117, NE                                1771-116, NE

    Fancy Hurricane Sconce                   Hurricane Wall Sconce                  Hurricane Wall Sconce

           Short Painted                                Tall Frosted                               Short Frosted

       Unbreakable Shade                      Unbreakable Chimney                    Unbreakable Shade

    9/16" dia X 1 3/8" tall                    1/2" dia X 1 7/8" tall                      9/16" dia X 1 3/8" tall

       14.3mm X 35mm                          12.7mm X 47.6mm                         14.3mm X 35mm




          1771-138, EL                                1771-139, EL                              1771-330, EL

         1771-118, NE                                1771-119, NE                              1771-310, NE

   Hurricane Wall Sconce                    Hurricane Wall Sconce                 Hurricane Wall Sconce

           Short Clear                                     Round                                     Black finish

          Glass Shade                             Unbreakable Shade                      Clear Glass Chimney

     9/16" dia X 1 3/8" tall                  5/8" dia X 1 7/16" tall                    1/2" dia X 1 7/8" tall

       14.3mm X 35mm                        15.9mm X 36.5mm                        12.7mm X 47.6mm



Hurricane Wall Sconces with Sunburst Back


    1772-130, EL                     1772-134, EL                   1772-135, EL               1772-137, EL

    1772-110, NE                    1772-114, NE                   1772-115, NE              1772-117, NE

Clear Glass Chimney        Tall Painted Chimney          Short Painted Shade         Frosted Chimney

1/2" dia X 1 7/8" tall         1/2" dia X 1 7/8" tall        9/16" dia X 1 3/8" tall     1/2" dia X 1 7/8" tall

 12.7mm X 47.6mm           12.7mm X 47.6mm              14.3mm X 35mm          12.7mm X 47.6mm



             1772-136, EL                              1772-138, EL                              1772-139, EL

            1772-136, NE                               1772-138, NE                             1772-139, NE

     Frosted Unbreakable Shade                 Clear Glass Shade              Round Frosted Unbreakable

        9/16" dia X 1 3/8" tall                  9/16" dia X 1 3/8" tall                  5/8" dia X 1 7/16" tall

         14.3mm X 35mm                          14.3mm X 35mm                        15.9mm X 36.5mm



                               Wall Sconces With Shades


                               Floral Design  Shade                                Plain Shade

                                              Shades are: 29/32" wide X 1/2" tall

                                                           23 mm X 12.7mm                        

 Hand crafted hexagonal lamp shades come in assorted colors and patterns.

If desired, you may request plain or floral, or if your needs are more specific please contact us for additional assistance.

                          A.  1773-110,  Wall Sconce with shades, non-electric, sold in pairs.

                          B.  1773-130,  Wall Sconce with shades, electric, sold in pairs.

                          C.  1773S-110, Wall Sconce with shades, non-electric, sold singly.

                          D.  1773S-130, Wall Sconce with shades, electric, sold singly



                     More Wall Sconces and Wall Lighting Fixtures


            1775-130, EL                            1793-130, EL                             1794-130, EL

           1775-110, NE                            1793-110, NE                             1794-110, NE

   Candlestick Wall Sconce                3 Candle Wall Sconce                2 Candle Wall Sconce

     Clear Glass Chimney                                     Looks great with "Flicker"

  9/16" dia X   1 15/16" tall                                     1 5/32" wide X 1 3/8" tall

      14.3mm X 49.2mm                                              29.4mm X 35mm




         1853-130, El                               4003-130,EL                              4006-130, EL

        1853-110, NE                               4003-110,NE                             4006-110, NE

     Colonial Wall Sconce                    Globe Wall Sconce                 Tulip Wall Sconce, angled

1 1/32" wide X 1 13/64" tall              5/8" dia X 1 1/8" tall                  1/2" dia X 1 1/8" tall

      26.2mm X 30.5mm                     15.9mm X 28.6mm                      12.7mm X 28.6mm



               4007-130, EL                                        4000-130, EL                       4000-330, EL

              4007-110, NE                                        4000-110, NE                       4000-310,NE

       2 arm Tulip Wall Sconce                                        Upright Tulip Wall Sconces

               Angled Arms                                               Use Straight up or Down

      1 1/2" wide X 1 1/8" tall                                             1/2" dia X 1" tall

          38.1mm X 28.6mm                                               12.7mm X 25.4mm


Tulip shades are unbreakable and come in a soft white finish

They can be customized with paint, or stain.




          4010-330, EL                                 5001-130, EL                            5002-130, EL

          4010-310, NE                                5001-110, NE                            5002-110, NE

    2 Arm Upright Sconce                 Colonial Sconce with Shades         Wall Sconce with Shade

                          1 3/8" wide X 1 1/4" tall                                         1/2" dia X 1 1/4" tall

                            34.9mm X 31.8mm                                               12.7mm X 31.8mm

                                                                                                        (sold in pairs)

Note*: The 2 arm Upright Sconce is available in gold finish.

          4010-110, non-electric, 4010-130, electric

The lamp shades come with a soft white finish.  The shades lift off the supports so that you may customize your interior design by painting or gluing fabric onto them.

Hint:  The rubber eraser on a pencil will hold the shades firmly while you are customizing them.


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