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                                                Wind Chimes           

1" Scale miniature, solid brass, gold plated wind chimes.  These wind chimes add the finishing touch to any doll house, bird house, or craft project.                               

                       Shown Assembled  

                           1222-100                                               1227-100

                    Dolphin Wind Chime                                Seahorse Wind Chime

Each wind chime is approximately 3" (76.2mm) tall when assembled.


                                         Go to: Wind Chime Instructions


Wind chimes come to you on an etched sheet and include the hanging ring.

Etched sheets shown below




                                                  Sailboat Wind Chimes




               1221-100                               1222-100                               1224-100

    Seagull Wind Chimes                  Dolphin Wind Chimes            Sand Dollar Wind Chimes

                                                                                                    Un-plated Only




          1226-100                                   1227-100                                  1228-100

   Mushroom Wind Chimes             Seahorse Wind Chimes                Whale Wind Chimes





Wind Chime Assembly Instructions

  1. Gently twist the wind chimes and master ring from the etched brass sheet.

  2. Use #0 silk thread.  I have found thread at a sporting goods store that sells fly tying supplies.

  3. Tie a double overhand knot on each wind chime.  Leave about 5 " (127mm)  of thread attached.

  4. Pull the thread through the master ring to the desired length and tie a knot.  Vary the length on each wind chime.

  5. Tie all the threads to the hanging ring.  Get them as close as possible to the same distance from the hanging ring to the master ring.

Hint:  I use a tiny spot of super glue or fly tying head cement at each knot. I use a toothpick to

         apply the glue.

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Last modified: 03/02/12